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We at Biya Organics Pvt. Ltd. enjoy sharing autumn gardening tips to help you grow healthy crops in your home garden or organic farm. Biya Organics Pvt. Ltd. is devoted to supplying natural organic fertilizers like vermicompost, cocopeat, neem powder, cow manure, goat manure, etc. that are designed to help you grow stronger plants. Start using natural organic fertilizer in your autumn garden. Contact us today.

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Organic Fertilizers

We care and share products which are good for "Earth". Our "Organic Fertilizers" nurture the Earth.

Organic Food

Delivering natural organically grown food to the care of your health. We delivery "Certified Organic Food"


We Import and Export a wide variety of products as per the demand. We help our clients with Imports/Exports services.


We are specialized in Agricultural consultation. We have certified and experienced experts for consultation.

Our Products

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Vermi Compost

Vermicompost (or vermi-compost) is the product of the composting process using various species of worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms, to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast.

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Coco Peat

Cocopeat is a multi purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue. Cocopeat is a very good alternative to traditional peat moss and Rock wool.

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Press Mud Fertilizer

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Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal matter, animal excreta (manure), human excreta, and vegetable matter (e.g. compost and crop residues). Naturally occurring organic fertilizers include animal wastes from meat processing, peat, manure, slurry, and guano.

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