Bone Meal

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Our Bone Meal

Our fertilizer is often used by organic gardeners to add phosphorus to garden soil, but many people who are unfamiliar with this organic soil amendment may wonder. Bone meal fertilizer is made from cooked or steamed animal bones, which are then ground into a fine powder for application on plants or crops. Bones are full of nutrients and minerals that benefit your plants, helping to make them healthier and stronger, However, bone meal fertilizer is not suitable for every situation. Bone meal fertilizer is used to increase phosphorus in the garden. It is an ideal supplement for bulbs and roses in particular, which flourish with an extra boost of phosphorous. Bone meal is very long-lasting and slow acting. It can last for a year perhaps longer. Course grade bone meal should be slower and last longest

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Applications of Our  Bone Meal?

One tablespoon is needed for every two square feet


When planting bulbs, by adding 1/2 teaspoon per plant will give spectacular bloom



You can also mix bone meal into the top one to three inches of soil in the spring for other plants.


Bone meal is most effective when well-mixed with the garden soil so it's close to plant roots.


Because the bone meal is slow acting it should be applied and watered in a few weeks before your

plants will need it


Specifications of Bone Meal

            Properties          Value
Particle Size  
Passes through 4mm mesh washed
6.5 to 8
Bulk Density 
 0.8-0.96 gm/cc
Organic Carbon
50kgs in HDPE BAG

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